If you’ve watched episode 992 of One Piece, you should have been introduced to Yamato. Beware, that this article will feature all about the character from the beginning to the end, regarding anime only. And if you’re not updated with the current episodes make sure to watch them before your read this. Our analysis will be solely based on Anime and not relying on Manga.

Introduction to Yamato in One piece

Yamato was actually introduced in episode 982. In the episode, Kaidou summoned the Tobi Roppo to scout for Yamato. This is when Yamato was introduced as ‘Kaidou’s Son’. And since the Tobi Roppo was summoned it was clearly evident that Yamato is not someone to mess around with.

Yamato: Episode 991

Yamato makes his first appearance in Episode 991. He is in a hurry to run away from the soldiers who Kaidou has sent. Also from the Tobi Roppo that Kaidou assigned to for finding him. Although, Yamato comes across Luffy in the corridor where he is fighting Ulti and Page One (from Tobi Roppo) which is the beginning of Episode 991.

His strength is immense, and you could tell that when she uses his Thunder Bagua like Kaidou without much effort and takes down Ulti with a single blow. Ulti was in her transformed devil fruit form and charging at full speed to headbutt Luffy locked in her claws. And all of this force was stopped by a single blow from Yamato.

And after this he escapes the sight, carrying Luffy with him. Although, Page One didn’t follow them (to tend to Ulti who was knocked unconscious from Yamato’s Thunder Bagua).

Yamato’s True Strength

Even though Luffy was being carried by Yamato, it took him a considerable amount of strength (even with both his feet) to stop him in his tracks. Not to mention that his weight was also appreciable which made Luffy fall whilst throwing him.

Luffy goes all out with his Gear third which he stops with his Kanabo club. Luffy is knocked off even when in his second gear immediately after. He fends off Luffy’s second gear Gatling without using any Haki. The deflection of Luffy’s Gatling actually destroys the terrain blocking the Tobi Roppo in their paths. And finally, Luffy’s Red hawk reminds him of Fire-fist Ace who fought him in the past. With the same fire that Luffy had.

So What is Yamato’s Gender?

So far we have used he/him for Yamato in One Piece episodes so far. But at the end of Episode 992 Yamato reveals as a female character. Even though, she proclaims to be ‘Kozuki Oden’ and hence also known as ‘Son of Kaidou’. What is astonishing is her admiration of Kozuki Oden even though he had such contrasting beliefs from Kaidou. Yamato despises her father and continues to walk on the path of Kozuki Oden. She also possesses Oden’s Logbook which she found in Kuri naming it her ‘Bible’. Furthermore, she wants to follow Oden’s will. Later she also claims about her awareness of Luffy’s strength.

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