5 must-watch slice of life romance anime of 2020

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Sumi meets kazuya : rent a girlfriend

While everyone was busy with the action of the god of high school and the second season of Re: zero, a lot of high school anime surfaced on the Internet, and oh boy we are not letting these slip away from our list of 5 must-watch slice of life romance anime of 2020.

This list includes the romance slice of life anime 2020, slice of life winter 2020, slice of life comedy anime, and dark slice of life anime.

Sing yesterday to me


Imagine living a life in a cornered place where all your hopes and aspirations turn into nothingness. As we grow older we can see a lot of different changes in yourself and the people around us. This is the exact plot of this wholesome slice of life anime of 2020 by Kei Toume.

The plot revolves around Rikuo Uozumi and his day-to-day life as a slow and lazy convenience store worker who inspires to get back with his Ex and start a new career in photography. The story is slow-paced and the plot progresses slowly in each episode as Rikuo tries to overcome his laziness and procrastination.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Season 2 came as a charm and especially the 12th episode with Yū Ishigami ark which was the perfect fit for the dark slice of life anime slot. The first season of this anime was already a hit then the creators of KSLIW came up with the new season of the anime and it instantly became a hit.

The plot follows the story of the protagonist Kaguya-Sama and her love life with the student council president. A modern classic I guess!


Rent a girlfriend took over the anime community by storm. Although the female MC made it in the list of best waifu of 2020 there was a huge backlash regarding the working of rental girlfriend in the Asian countries.

The plot revolves around the college student-Kazuya Kinoshita as he tries to move on with a recent break up with his girlfriend. Now Kazuya ends up in a complicated relationship with the number one rental girlfriend Chizuru Ichinose. It is a beautifully crafted anime filled with emotions and shortcomings of love, fear, and rejection. A must watch of romance slice of life anime 2020.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax

The story revolves around Hachiman Hikigaya as he transit from being a loner who enters into a harem with other female characters such as Yukino Yukinoshita, Yui Yuigahama, Shizuka Hiratsuka, and other female characters.

A must watch anime for all your highschool romance craving. To be frank, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is my favorite anime after Welcome to the NHK.

Fruits Basket Season 2

Don’t go by the name, this anime has already been a favorite of the anime community. The first season introduced us to many characters such as Shigure Sohma, Kyo Sohma, and Yuki Sohma.

The second season of the show has some promising plot twist and the story follows the original manga and goes deep into the insights of zodiac signs given to the main characters.

So that was our take on the 5 must-watch slice of life romance anime of 2020.

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