Top 5 Anime movies that will make you cry

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Often anime movies makes you cry. The tension, confusion and passion of the plot, characters and story makes you feel vulnerable. The one sided love, grief and loss is enough to make any men/women cry. This is our list for top 5 anime movies that will make you cry.

Note :- Spoilers ahead

Hotarubi no Mori e

A story of compassion and love between a human and a forest spirit. A 45 minute running movie which showcases the best of both worlds. A sweet yet heartbreaking story about a child who transform into a women and a spirit who vanishes if he comes in contact with a person.

Garden of words

A beautiful story about a caring student who fells in love with a highschool teacher at his school. The innocence and caring nature of the student breaks into the walls of the teacher and she finally accepts him and this short love story ends at the beautiful staircase in the Tokyo city.

Kimi no Nawa

Body swapping and a messed up timeline. Your name (English) is a natural phenomena in the anime domain and it is considered as of the top grossing anime films of all time. Your name is one of the finest movies ever made. “Grab some tissue watching this masterpiece.

Grave of the fireflies

A heart breaking story of a teenage boy and his sister. Deprived from every comfort of home, food and family. The two siblings stuck in the war zone and their constant efforts of staying alive is what defines this amazing heart breaking Movie.

A silent voice

This is my personal favourite because out of everything supernatural and action, this movie is themed on pure human emotions. The two main characters shows regret, compassion and forgiveness in such a way that silent voice become one of the most popular anime movies of this decade.

So that was our article for top 5 Anime movies that will make you cry. Follow for the latest in anime and pop culture.

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