Top 14 aesthetically pleasing anime shows you need to watch 

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aesthetically pleasing anime shows

Anime and animation go hand in hand. unlike the 90s anime which was only based on hand-drawn animation, the modern era anime shows are willing to go that extra mile.

Otakusmart brings you the Top 14 aesthetically pleasing anime shows you need to watch right now.

Monogatari series

Written by Nisio Isin, Monogatari is one of the weirdest and aesthetically pleasing anime of all time. The art style is so distinguishable that no other anime can be on par with this one.

The art form in extremely geometrical and the characters have a different vibe to them. Although the series is confusing it has its charm and that’s why it comes at the top of our list of Top 14 aesthetically pleasing anime shows you need to watch.

Tatami galaxy

Tatami Galaxy is the one anime that has zero haters. A good story and an excellent plot progression, Tatami galaxy can easily raise the bar high without any fast-paced fight scenes.

The story is slow and just like the name, the whole show is a moving galaxy of stars and space.

Demon slayer

When everyone thought shonen was dead, Demon slayer came out, and oh boy, the animation is so good that even the non-anime fans can enjoy the fight scenes.

The story revolves around the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado and his half-demon sister- Nezuko. We are not here to give a spoiler so, watch the show BAKA!

Violet ever garden

Saying Violet ever garden is beautiful would not be fair, Violet ever garden is the only anime I fell in love with. The story, the colors, the animation, and everything about this show can be summarised in one word – Gorgeous.

Its a slow burn for sure but definitely worth your time. Go watch this show before every anime streaming website gets banned

Kiki’s delivery service

Studio Ghibli never disappoints. With Kiki’s delivery service, the animation industry got its first boost on the International animation platforms. the animation was so soothing and pleasing that people of all ages appreciated this masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki.

If you having a bad day or want a change of phase in your life, then Kiki’s delivery service is your one-stop destination.

Psycho pass

Those who bought The Dominator off wish and Aliexpress truly are men/women of the culture. Psycho Pass was so good and the animation was aesthetically so much better than the famous high budget anime shows.

The story revolves around Akane Tsunemori as she joins the force who battles criminila in the cyberpunk settings of toyko.

Ergo proxy

If batman has an anime adaption, then Ergo proxy would be the perfect setting for it. The gloomy animation and shadow effects used in the show made this underrated a show a critically acclaimed anime of all time.

Fans argue that Ergo proxy didn’t receive the hype it was supposed to receive and only a handful of people know about this psychological animation masterpiece.

Paranoia agent

If you like gloomy and dark kind of series, then Paranoia is exclusively made for you. The aesthetics are so mixed with the overall atmosphere of the show that you will eventually become a part of it.

The colors, the shadows, and the camera movement are similar to the style of Ergo proxy but the craziness is on some other level. Give your brain some dopamine with this extraordinary series by satoshi Kun.

Perfect Blue

The dangers of the film industry are exceptionally described in this 1997 psychological anime. One thing everyone will agree upon the aesthetics and animation style in all of the satoshi Kun’s movies is top-notch and easily recognizable. The perfect blue has a dreamy animation style and it often stimulates depression and anxiety through each frame.

You remember black swan by Darren Aronofsky, most of the scenes and frames are the exact copy of Satoshi Kun’s perfect blue. Now go watch the original masterpiece.

Death note

Often newcomers starts their anime journey with death note. And they are not wrong, the show was able to attract a massive audience because of its deep psychological wars, animation style, and the overall aesthetic of the show.

The lighting and shadows describe the intent of the characters and the camera angles and perspective put you in the shoes of the protagonist and antagonist.

Your name

The first movie that crossed boundaries and bought every anime fan together was your name or Kimi no Na Wa. This masterpiece from Makoto Shinkai has a separate fanbase.

Makoto Shinkai has a long list of movies that are so well animated that we might need another article just for that. But your name definitely comes at the top of our list of Top 14 aesthetically pleasing anime shows you need to watch.


Hyouka is your typical high school romance anime but it has its set of asthetics as well. The show has certain moments that totally tops the charts when it comes to animation style.

If you have ever watched this show them you must aware of the last episode of this show. It was a blessing from the gods!

Kill la Kill

The animation is Kill La kill is different from the rest of animation in common action/comedy series. The aesthetics are highly inspired from cartoons and it creates this beautiful cartoon-like animation that pleases the eyes.

If you want to try something new then Kill La Kill is your best bet. But watch it alone has it has some ecchi scenes that will catch you off guard.

Serial experimental lain

Serial experimental lain takes the gloomy concepts of colors and perspective and it creates a distinguished atmosphere that diminishes the line between reality and fiction.

Did you find the above sentence formation weird? if yes, then Serial experimental lain is not for you. Just kidding, the animation in Serial experimental lain is so lazy and depressing that even the happiest person will fall deep into an existential crisis. Must check it out if you are willing to take the risk.

Just kidding, it is a cool show with a different set of colors, story, music, perspective, and transitions. Go check it out.

So that was our take on Top 14 aesthetically pleasing anime shows you need to watch.

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