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Liar and his love music OST

Liar and his Lover have been around for a while now. It a shame that people haven’t heard about this drama yet. Liar and his Lover is a 2013 Korean television series starring Lee Hyun-woo and Joy (Park Soo-young) with Lee Jung-jin. The main plot of the story revolves around a music composer named Kang Han-gyul (Lee Hyun-woo). In the first few episodes, Kang Han-gyul meets Yoon So-rim (Joy) and thus an uncanny story between two people starts.

Here is a little trailer for Liar and His Lover. If you haven’t watched it yet, go to Viki and stream it today.

While the plot has a powerful punch to it, what makes the show awesome is the overall atmosphere and the music used throughout the episodes. After going through the forums, I caught one thing that was causing trouble for everyone. Who were the artists behind the music used in Liar and His Lover? After digging up the internet, I finally caught them, and here are the 24 songs/music used throughout the South Korean drama Liar and his Lover.

You can also listen to these songs of YouTube and other music platforms. Below is a list of all the songs used in Liar and His Lover along with their artists name.


  • YeoWooya By JOY.
  • I’m OK by CRUDEPLAY.
  • Peterpan by CRUDEPLAY.
  • Your Days by JOY.
  • Shiny Boys by JOY.
  • Counting Starts at Night by Hong Seo Young.
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
  • In Your Eyes by CRUDEPLAY.
  • Waiting for You by JOY.
  • The Way To Me by JOY.
  • Producer K by Choi In Young.
  • Our Youth by Hwang Sang Jun.
  • Crush by Park Eun Ji.
  • Let’s Sing, Sorim by Lee A Ram.
  • First meeting by Hwang Sang Jun.
  • First Love by Park Eun Ji.
  • Challenge by Lee A Ram.
  • Grandmother by Choi In Young.
  • With You by Lee A Ram.
  • Growing Mind by Park Eun Ji.
  • Run to You by Choi In Young.
  • Miss You K by Hwang Sang Jun.
  • Mushroom Girl Sorim by Park Eun JI.

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