Hey people, it’s your boy doublextramayocheeseburger. And today we have a new anime recommendation series “Shiki”.

Also – this is the 13th anime recomendation series.

I don’t usually recommend horror anime to my readers. However, I have been watching exorcism videos since yesterday and I am excited to recommend this horror classic to you guys.

The story revolves around a remote village “Sotoba” In Japan. This village has been experiencing disappearance of local people and some individuals alleged that they have seen dead bodies walking in the night.

While rumours starts to disrupt about the town that a new family, some kings and queens has been turning people into vampires.

But how much truth exists within the boundaries of this village or is the elders culprit who has been hiding something more sinister within “Sotoba”

The show is full of horror scenes, jump scare, blood & Guts and everything that’ll make you stomach crumble with fear.

So that was it. My name is Ashish and I run a blog named OTAKUSMART. Do let me know what do you think of this anime. I have a few more recommendations in my deck but I’ll continue this series on a weekly basis so you’ll get a new anime to watch every week.


Ashish Khaitan is a content writer based out of New Delhi. He usually writes content for business owners, websites, and filmmakers. He likes anime, mangas, and Kdramas and often spends a lot of time reading books. He enjoys his own company and rarely goes outside unless there is a sale in the local clothing stores.


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