Welcome to the world of Amazon quizzes. Amazon is a multinational firm and it promotes the use of Amazon quizzes on its platform. In Indian e-commerce, Amazon features multiple quizzes that offer rewards, cash back, and much more. You can earn these rewards by simply participating in Amazon quizzes. Here is in this list, we update all the Amazon quizzes with their questions and answers. All you have to do is select the right answer, and be the first to win the rewards. 

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Here you can find the most common Amazon quizzes that get updated every night at midnight. Those interested in Amazon quizzes/contests can use these answers as a reference to get the prize they need. You can get to this post by typing “Amazon Quiz Answer Today OTAKUSMART” on Google or simply bookmark this page and get notified whenever Amazon updates new quizzes and contests. So without further ado, let’s see all the Amazon quizzes along with their answers. 

Amazon Quizzes Answers

Here, you can find all the Amazon Quizzes along with their questions and answers. We will updated these quizzes every day so that you can select the right answer for all the new and old Amazon quizzes. If we miss some quizzes on Amazon, please remind us in the comment section and we’ll update them ASAP. With that being said, here are all the Amazon quizzes along with their answers.

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today (November 25th), win Rs 25,000 and more

  • Answer 1: Quinton De Kock
  • Answer 2: Permission to Dance Concert
  • Answer 3: Blue Origin
  • Answer 4: Indonesia
  • Answer 5: Egypt

Amazon Daily Spin & Win Quiz answers today (November 25th, 2021): win prizes worth ₹1,00,000

  • Answer: 4

Amazon Redmi Note 11T 5G Quiz answers: win the new Redmi Note 11T 5G smartphone

  • Answer 1: 2014
  • Answer 2: Redmi Note 10T 5G
  • Answer 3: 30th November
  • Answer 4: Redmi Note 11T 5G
  • Answer 5: Manu Kumar Jain

Amazon Nostalgia Edition Quiz answers today: win Rs 20,000 (1 winner)

  • Answer 1: Johnny Bravo
  • Answer 2: Pingu
  • Answer 3: Powerpuff Girls
  • Answer 4: Dee Dee
  • Answer 5: Scary comedy

Amazon miniTV (Adulting S3) Quiz answers today: win Rs 10,000 and more

  • Answer 1: Yashwini Dayama
  • Answer 2: Mumbai
  • Answer 3: Nikhat Rizvi
  • Answer 4: Amazon minTV
  • Answer 5: It is FREE

Amazon Movie Sardar Udham Quiz answers today

  • Answer 1: Udham Singh
  • Answer 2: Amazon Prime Video
  • Answer 3: October 16
  • Answer 4: Mr. Sher Singh
  • Answer 5: All of the above

Amazon Festival Edition Quiz answers today: win amazing gifts and rewards

  • Answer 1:Valmiki
  • Answer 2: Vijayadashami
  • Answer 3: Karnataka
  • Answer 4: Durga Puja
  • Answer 5: Brahmastra


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